Tree Trimming

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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming | Pacific Slope Tree Cooperative Inc. - San Rafael, CA

Tree trimming is an important step in effective tree care, not only because well trimmed trees are nice to look at. When you trim your trees regularly, you can also check if some of the branches and leaves are being infested by termites, ants, and other insects. Well-kept trees can add aesthetic value to your property and improve the landscaping of your home.

Trees that grow too tall have to be trimmed, especially if branches extend into your windows and block the flow of air into your home. Branches that are not regularly trimmed may also come in contact with power lines. These may damage power lines and cause outages or even fires. Why expose your family to these dangers when you can easily hire Pacific Slope Tree Cooperative Inc. for your entire tree trimming needs?

A tree that has grown too big and has extended branches that block sunlight in your garden must also be trimmed. It may be depriving other plants in your garden the sunlight that they need to grow. When you regularly have your trees trimmed, you are also preventing them from becoming nests for pests. If you hire us for professional tree trimming services, we trim unhealthy branches which can prevent infestations from spreading to other trees in your garden.

Tree trimming is also an essential step to maintain an aesthetically pleasing front lawn or backyard. Our personnel are experts in tree trimming and pruning them into various shapes, to add a new dimension to your garden. We have the right skills and equipment needed to turn your garden into a perfect haven!

We look forward to being of service to you in San Rafael, CA! If you need a professional tree contractor for all your tree trimming needs, Pacific Slope Tree Cooperative Inc. is the right team for the job. Call us and ask for a no-obligation, free estimate!

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